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Who Pays for What in Real Estate Deals?

New to Real Estate? Not sure who pays for what in the deal? Here’s a simple guide to help you understand the basics. Buying or selling property in today’s litigious world is a daunting task.  With so much real estate jargon, buyers and sellers can be confused when trying to complete a transaction.  I had an […]

Realtor Response Time

“My Realtor won’t call me back!” is a claim I often hear from people who are buying or selling real estate.   They express frustration and bewilderment as to why a real estate agent they’ve contacted either delays a call back or, worse yet, never calls back at all.  I understand their sentiments but can’t […]

FAQ’s Port Aransas Real Estate

Will the rental income from my second home cover my mortgage? Probably not —but it probably will cover some of the other costs like Property Taxes, Home Owner’s Association dues (HOA) and Management Fees for homes used for rental income. Like Dave Ramsey   https://www.daveramsey.com/  says “Cash is king!” so if you have the wherewithal to […]

Property Management 101

Property Management 101 What Second Home Owners Need to Know Most of the  homes in Port Aransas are second homes for vacationers. Most, but not all of those owners want to generate some rental income from their property in addition to the benefit of having a place at the beach for their family and friends […]

What does LOCATION really means in Port Aransas?

What does LOCATION really means in Port Aransas?  Here’s the inside scoop! We’ve all heard about the first three rules of real estate:  location, location, location, but when buying property in the South Texas resort community of Port Aransas, what all does that entail? ZONING: Since most people buying houses or condos here want rental income generation […]

Port A Property: What Matters Besides Location?

When considering buying a vacation home in Port Aransas, whether for family use and/or vacation rental, there are many factors to consider. Other than the first three rules of real estate: Location, location, location…. what’s number 4 and 5? PRICE: Topping that list, of course, is price. Talk to your lender to see what you […]